QB of the future?

Plain Dealer reports today that Savage is planning on at least giving Derek Anderson the highest contract tender this offseason (link).  It also, however, talks about how they haven't ruled out signing him to a long term contract.  I was just curious what people thought.  Do we sign DA to a contract, or take the draft picks (assuming someone picks him up) and go with BQ next year?

I personally would lean towards giving DA the highest tender, taking the draft picks and going with Brady Quinn.  Obviously he's not a sure thing, but with the strength of the pieces on offense, I think there wouldn't be too much pressure on him to try and make all the plays on his own.  I'd imagine that they will try and get him some playing time in the next few weeks to find out how he does.

Incidentally, how ironic would it be if we get someone else's 1st round draft choice for Anderson and it's higher than the one we gave up to Dallas?

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