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D'Qwell Jackson Out Several Weeks

I would never miss a Cleveland Browns football game. And, I understand that some of you may be getting tired of everyone hyping the Patriots vs. Colts game tomorrow. However, I am very upset at the fact that fans of Cleveland who do not have DirectTV NFL ticket, or the willingness to travel a bar, will not be able to see the "Super Bowl-esque" affair. Due to contractual agreements, a network cannot air a game in a city where a home team's game is already being aired on a different network. Considering that FOX only has one four o'clock game, we're just about the only fans in the nation (don't forget about Seattle fans) that won't have the chance to see Brady/Manning go head-to-head. Some Brownies before tomorrow's game:

  1. D'Qwell Out: Linebacker D'Qwell Jackson has already been ruled "out" due to an ankle injury. He may miss several weeks of action.
  2. Filling In: Besides Andra Davis seeing more playing time again with Jackson being out, Chaun Thompson (the forgotten man) is scheduled to be worked into the rotation more.
  3. Special Teams: With our leading-special teams tackler Kris Griffin doubtful for tomorrow's game, newly signed cornerback Nick Sorenson will probably be active.
  4. Bodden Fine: Cornerback Leigh Bodden is good-to-go for tomorrow's game; let's hope he doesn't get beat all day again.
  5. Decision Time: The Browns will have to make a final decision on center LeCharles Bentley this Monday. If they don't put him on the roster, it'll mean that the comeback attempts of both Bentley and Gary Baxter will have failed.
Wouldn't it be funny if Charlie Frye received a series or two in tomorrow's game for some reason?