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LeCharles Bentley Pushed Back to 2008

We probably should have expected it sooner: neither Gary Baxter nor LeCharles Bentley will see the football field this season. While the decision on Baxter was made a couple of weeks ago, the team officially declared that Bentley would remain on the physically unable to perform list yesterday, removing any chance of a return during the 2007-2008 season.

The Browns felt Bentley was not fully recovered from all of the surgeries he had on his left knee, but they believe there's a legitimate chance he'll be ready for training camp prior to next season. The team plans on keeping Bentley around as a Cleveland Brown. training camp is the best way to do that.

"LeCharles has made significant progress since July and we remain hopeful that he will be able to return to the field as a Cleveland Brown."

Having Bentley back would have provided more versatility with the team, but at the moment it seems as if we have two capable backups. Ryan Tucker is available to play right guard for the injured Seth McKinney, although you may see Lennie Friedman get the starting role so that Tucker can be saved if something happens at the tackle position.

On a weekly basis, bloggers at Sports Blogs Nation have been submitting our "defining moments" to Samsung. Representing Dawgs By Nature, I sent in my own little blurb about this past weekend's game against the Seattle Seahawks, focusing on something that has really helped our team over the past two weeks: fourth-down situations. Go check it out, give it a nice little vote, and feel free to submit your own defining moment.