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Winslow Put on Notice by Farrior

Steelers linebacker James Farrior has a word of warning for Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr.

"He better have his head on a swivel," Farrior said in a conference call from Pittsburgh on Wednesday. "Every time we go up against those guys, I'll be looking for him."

Winslow was not available Wednesday to respond to Farrior's not-so-subtle threat. He will get his turn today. Whether Winslow talks is up to him, but the feud between Winslow and Farrior is just one part of the drama building toward the game Sunday at Heinz Field. The rift can be traced to the game in Pittsburgh last year when Winslow was flagged for a blind-side block on Farrior late in the game after the whistle blew. It prompted former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter to use a slur for a homosexual, which prompted the NFL to fine Porter.
-- News-Herald

Add a little more fuel to the fire. The intensity is building...this game can't come soon enough.