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We Have a Winner...

I'll have more on the game later and tomorrow, but for the moment it's time to announce the winner of the contest for the Cleveland Browns knit hat.

There were 29 people that participated in the contest. Some notes regarding each question first:

  1. 27/29 people correctly chose the Browns to win the game.
  2. 28/29 people correctly projected that there would be snow during the game. To the lone person who said "no", your leap of faith didn't pay off.
  3. 18/29 people correctly stated that Jamal Lewis would go over the 100-yard mark. Thanks to tough conditions to pass in, Lewis was the workhorse in this type of weather.
  4. 4/29 people correctly stated that Derek Anderson would not throw an interception. I guess the alarmingly low number there shows that people are expecting Anderson to cough it up on a weekly basis.
  5. 13/29 people correctly had Braylon Edwards recording the most receiving yards.
  6. Not a single person got the defensive category (sack, interception, or fumble recovery) correct. I was very disappointed that the Browns didn't get a single defensive-related stat, because this was the category that was supposed to have the most variance/unpredictability. The unpredictable happened alright.
  7. 11/29 people correctly picked Jamal Lewis to be the team's leading fantasy player.
Where did that leave us? The following four people finished in a tie, with six points each:

Chris Pokorny, DisplacedBuckeye, Eriefan, and mgtbfb. Therefore, I had to use the tiebreaker category, which took into consideration your prediction for the final score of the game.

With that said, congratulations to Dawgs By Nature reader...


His final score projection of 27-13 was good enough to beat me (although I wasn't eligible) and the other two contestants.

For those of you who would like to see the results for everyone in a nicely-formated Excel spreadsheet, check out the results. I will be getting in contact with DisplacedBuckeye shortly.