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Dawgs By Nature in N.Y. Times

Dawgs By Nature

I'm proud to say that Dawgs By Nature was featured in a New York Times sports article today on the Cleveland Browns. You should be able to see the article if you subscribe to the Times, but you can also view it online at the link provided above. The site is mentioned closer to the bottom of the article; here is the blurb for those of you who don't feel like clicking:
How far have the Browns come? On the blog Dawgs By Nature, Cleveland fans were amazed to learn that Arizona fans expect the Cardinals to lose.

"In the past few years, I would look at our schedule and think, we can beat Buffalo and Houston," said Chris Pokorny, the creator of the blog. "Then, I would hear fans of those teams say, `We can beat Cleveland for sure.' We're not hearing that anymore. It may have taken nine years for it to happen, but it's better now than never."

I treasure these mentions.