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Browns Still Playoff Bound Despite Loss

The loss to the Arizona Cardinals was tough to swallow, but guess what? Even with the loss, the Browns would still be in the postseason if the playoff started today. Things are just as they were after last week, with the Browns as the sixth seed and the Tennessee Titans right behind us.

Want to know what else is funny? We actually gained a tiny bit of ground on the Jacksonville Jaguars for the fifth seed, because they lost a conference game, while we did not.

The big killer from this loss is that we can all but rule out winning the division. Let's take a look at why next week plays into the Browns' favor big time...

  • Browns face Jets: We should win this game, because the Jets aren't a very good team plain and simple.

  • Chargers face Titans: The Chargers are getting hot, and the Titans are still playing shaky defensively. I wouldn't be surprised if San Diego did us a big favor here.

  • Dolphins face Bills: The Bills will probably win and stay pace with us, making our matchup with them in a few weeks have greater implications.

That's it folks. The Broncos and Texans are two games behind us, so they aren't a factor. If the Browns take care of business next week and the Chargers stay on a roll, then we'll head into Week 15 with a one-game lead on the Titans and a better conference record than them as well.