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Browns' Fate to be Decided Last

Based on all of the events that occurred today, the NFL has announced that the Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts has been flexed for Week 17, meaning it'll be the last game of the regular season. The game will be played on NBC at 8:15 PM, so every Browns fan across the country will be able to see whether or not we make the postseason or not.

Note: To anyone who is not clear yet, the Browns/49ers game does not matter this coming week. We could forfeit the game, or we could blow out the 49ers; it wouldn't make any difference. The only game that matters if the Sunday Nigher between the Colts/Titans. If Indy wins, the Browns are IN. If the Titans win, the Browns are OUT.

The biggest question of the season now becomes this: how long will Peyton Manning play? Because as long as Manning plays, the rest of the starters will also play. Joseph Addai and Anthony Gonzalez were a little banged up today, so hopefully both of them are able to go next week. We desperately need the Colts to be able to jump out to a huge lead early.