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Ethan Kelley, Mike Adams Placed on IR

The seasons are officially over for defensive tackle Ethan Kelley and backup safety Mike Adams. While the injuries really don't mean much for this week's game against the 49ers, Kelley's injury would hurt us against the Pittsburgh Steelers or the San Diego Chargers in the first round of a potential playoff match. Both teams feature great rushing attacks, and the Browns are getting thinner and thinner on the defensive line as the weeks go by.

At the moment, if Orpheus Roye remains healthy enough, you can expect Roye, Shaun Smith, and Robaire Smith to anchor the defensive line versus the 49ers. Simon Fraser and Louis Leonard would be our only other active defensive linemen. The Browns will either promote Melila Purcell or Chase Pittman from the practice squad during the week or sign a defensive lineman from someone else's practice squad. Whoever the Browns sign would probably be listed as inactive on gameday.

As far as replacing Adams, the Browns will probably find a free agent special teams specialist that can also double as a defensive back.