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Getting to Know an Enemy: Music City Miracles

Although we're not facing the Tennessee Titans this week, I exchanged a few questions today with Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles, our Tennessee Titans affiliate. I wanted to receive a perspective from the Titans' side of things heading into this week's big Sunday night game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Chris Pokorny: Cases can be made for why the Titans and/or Browns should or should not be in the postseason this year, and rightly so, considering both teams are trying to capture the "final" spot of the postseason in the AFC. Without being too biased to the Titans though, which team do you think deserves to get in more based on the entire 2007 season?

Jimmy Morris: That is a tough question considering that I have only seen the Browns play one game this season (last week). I think that any team that goes 10-6 deserves to be in the playoffs. It is really a toss up between these 2 teams. Both teams are good on one side of the ball and not so good on the other. It would be an interesting game if they played. The only edge I can give to the Titans is that they play in the tougher of the 2 divisions.

Chris Pokorny: The Titans have had trouble scoring this season, including last week against the Jets. How confident are you that they can put points on the board in the RCA Dome against the Colts' backups?

Jimmy Morris: The Titans have matched-up really well with the Colts in their last 3 meetings. They are 1-2, but the 2 losses have come by a combined 3 points. I expect the Titans to put up 24-28 points. That should be enough considering Peyton Manning and crew will probably only play the first half.

This game scares me a little though because there is potential the Titans could take it lightly because they are thinking the starters won't be in their long. Luckily the Titans have a veteran coach in Jeff Fisher that should be able to keep the guys focused.

Chris Pokorny: Vince Young has failed to provide the spark that he did last year for the Titans. Will he lead the Titans to victory this week, or will the Browns be the ones playing in January?

Jimmy Morris: Vince Young shines when the national spotlight is on him. I think he will end up having a really good game on Sunday night because he is trying to prove to the nation that last season was not a fluke.

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