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Bills Fans Confident Under False Pretenses

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The Browns' Week 15 game against the Buffalo Bills will be critical. Unlike two weeks ago when Arizona fans had no faith that they could beat us, after reading the Bills' message board now, I can't believe how cocky the fans are right now. I guess winning and losing controls the tone in a major way. I shouldn't let these comments bother me, but read on and just see how ignorant some of the statements are (note: I have fixed everyone's grammar so it's not that bad to digest):

"I think if we stop their pass game we will be fine. We have a great advantage in special teams and plus 25 points against the Jets? Please; shouldn't they be high powered?"

"They have the worst-ranked defense in the NFL. As long as we can contain Braylon, we should be fine."

"I think you will be surprised. There is a ton of talk in Cleveland that they need to make the switch to Brady [Quinn], because now that teams have film on Anderson they are exploiting his weaknesses. Kind of like everyone was saying about Romo at the end of last year."

"Their offense has slowed down a lot lately. I think teams have figured out how to play them."

"Well I unfortunately have to watch all the Browns games being in Columbus, and outside of Edwards and Winslow they have no real threat. Jurevicius is nice but a No. 2 and if we keep everything in front of us Anderson doesn't have much. He doesn't throw very accurate, but he puts it in a place that allows his players to make a play. So if we rattle him early, then those passes start finding the hands of our cornerbacks."

I felt like responding to each of these comments, but it's really not worth it. I'll let you guys read through them and either respond or have a good laugh. Sure, the Bills game should be a tough one, but we're 5-0 at home under Derek Anderson and the Bills have basically been blown out by every team with a winning record this season. Tomorrow morning, I'll have a little piece on how today's events impacted the Browns' chances at a playoff spot. Here's a teaser: there is a chance that the Browns could clinch a playoff spot next week.