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Browns Name Assistants, Input on QBs

The crickets are chirping in the Browns organization with the lack of news, as would be expected from the time since the Super Bowl up until now. There were a few minor coaching updates Friday, however. The Browns announced that Mike Sullivan was named the assistant offensive line coach, replacing Jeff Uhlenhake. Sullivan filled the same position under former head coach Butch Davis for four seasons. He has been the offensive line coach for Western Michigan University for the past two years. Frank Verducci was also named an offensive assistant. Verducci was the Cowboys' offensive line coach in 2002, and the Bills' offensive line coach in 2004.

In yesterday's Plain Dealer, assistant head coach Rip Scherer gave his input on the Browns' quarterback competition between Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson.

"Obviously Charlie has a leg up because he's the incumbent," said Scherer. "But I think it's going to be a competitive situation."
Scherer believes that either of the quarterbacks can lead the Browns successfully, basically is the tools around them are appropriate.
"Can either one carry a team? That will be proven down the road," Scherer said. "but I don't know many quarterbacks that can. They also have to have a supporting cast, and [General Manager] Phil Savage and [coach] Romeo Crennel are trying to improve that."
The article also goes on to state that the offensive approach will change next season under new offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. The Browns will run an attack-style offense that plays to the strength of our personnel. It may sound good, but that's another one of those statements that makes you go, "Shouldn't every offense be doing that?" Well, apparently the Browns weren't, as Scherer stated that Frye and Anderson will have to make a lot of adjustments in the system next year. With how our offense played this year, I'm all for changing every single approach to the game that we took. Now, two quick final notes before I sign off:
  • Pro Bowl Hit: Did you guys see the hit that Sean Taylor laid on punter Brian Moorman yesterday? That's the type of highlight you like seeing in the Pro was made better that Moorman was able to get up right away.
  • Miller over Cribbs: I like Joshua Cribbs as a kick returner, but Justin Miller of the Jets deserved the vote over him.
  • Coin Flip: The importance of the coin flip is just around a week or two away now to determine who gets the third and fourth picks, between the Browns and the Buccaneers. The Browns could potentially gain a lot of value by winning that third pick. If either Brady Quinn or JaMarcus Russell are still on the board, several teams may attempt to trade up if they truly feel we have an interest in the position.
Make sure you continue to vote in the poll to the right. I'd like a few more votes at least before I close it and begin my write up.