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Bills Won't Try to Retain Nate Clements

Should the Browns Get Clements?
No real news regarding the Browns specifically, but there are some notes regarding other players in the league that the Browns may have or may have had an interest in:
  • Luke Petitgout: He was the Giants starting left tackle for several seasons, and has been solid for them since being drafted in the first round in 1999. He had two years left on his contract, but the Giants needed to clear some cap room. Plus, it didn't help that Petitgout fractured his leg on November 5th, causing him to miss the rest of the season. He could be an option for the Browns offensive line if we choose not to draft a left tackle.
  • Asante Samuel: After his performance this season with the Patriots, a lot of teams had a heavy interest in the playmaking cornerback. Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting the Patriots have applied the franchise tag to Samuel though, meaning the chances of the Browns or any other team acquiring him at this point would be little to none.
  • Lance Briggs: Although I didn't think we'd pursue Briggs, a linebacker from the Chicago Bears, you hate hearing that he's already off the market as well, as the Bears have slapped the franchise tag on him as well.
  • Nate Clements: Now, here is some positive news: the Bills probably will not attempt to re-sign Clements so that they can allocate their money towards other positions instead. He is a local guy, and Browns fans have been clamoring for him for years. We just don't want him because he is a local guy either - this guy can play. With Gary Baxter's status still up in the air, the cornerback position is something the Browns should actively pursue in free agency.
With enough votes in, I will try to have my position review of the Browns' offensive line online tomorrow.