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It's Officially The Off-Season....

I hate this time of year...the first few weeks are a bit awkward, but then some coping-mechanism called apathy starts to set in.  Once the apathy arrives, we're fed a little dose of something called Draft Day, and the NFL is the top sports news story once again.  We wear our Browns stuff to work that Friday because it's comforting.  But once all the new rookies have been overanalyzed and assessed, it quiets down again and these odd little games called "baseball" and "golf" take over.  Hell, I hear they even have a league where people race cars in the off-season....

And by the time your brain is misfiring and you are starting to believe the NFL isn't real, it comes back.  

We don't watch every pre-season game because it matters, we watch it because we're starving....

So what to do in the meantime, now that we've been given back 15 hours of our lives we know we don't really have??

I could always go outside and unbury the car.

I could get obliterated drunk and pass out so I don't have to think about it.

Or, because I'm a girl, I can just cry.


How will you spend your first official weekend with no NFL games?

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    Still digging out from all the snow; no excuse now.
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  • 100%
    Get drunk so I don't have to think about it.
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    Walk around the house aimlessly looking for something to do.
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