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Draft Prospects With Impressive Times

In a rare "lengthy" entry here on Dawgs By Nature, here are the 40-times that three players ran at the Indianapolis Combine, according to NFL Draft Countdown:

  • Joe Thomas, OT: You usually don't expect linemen to be too fast, but Thomas' speed was impressive as he ran a 4.96. It'll be tough for him not to be a top-five pick, and speed like that only helps solidify it.
  • Calvin Johnson, WR Although it seems like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want him, the Browns may start giving the best receiver of this year's class some thought after he ran a blazing 4.35. I do not think the Browns necessarily should waste a pick on a receiver when we have so many other issues, but you do have to admit, speed like that makes the situation tempting.
  • Adrian Peterson: A running back that the Browns are heavily interested in choosing, Peterson did not disappoint when he ran a solid 4.38.
Free agency is less than a week away now (remember that February is a short month), so a lot of teams will be weighing their options in the coming days.