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Northcutt Could Sign With Jaguars

In this morning's Monday Morning Quarterback, the ever-so-popular weekly column written by Sports Illustrated's Peter King, there were some mentions as to whom the Browns may be interested in. King also included a small little piece on the "controversial" coin flip last Friday.

4. Cleveland GM Phil Savage is going to have a very tough decision to make. When Adrian Peterson ran a 4.37 40, it set up this pleasant quandary for the Browns, assuming Russell and Thomas go 1-2. The Browns could have their choice of four primo players at positions of major need -- quarterback Brady Quinn, defensive end Gaines Adams, wideout [Calvin] Johnson and running back [Adrian] Peterson. Savage met Peterson on Saturday and was impressed by what a solid rock he is. He might be Eric Dickerson.
5. There was almost a mini-scandal in the coin flip for the third pick in the draft. The Bucs and Browns finished tied for the third pick, because their opponents' won-loss records were identical. So Friday morning, Savage and Tampa Bay GM Bruce Allen met in a Westin Hotel conference room to break the tie for the third pick of the draft. Imagine the significance here.

Allen came into the room with a coin he wanted to use, one from a military base in Florida. That was fine with Savage. League officials Joel Bussert and Ken Fiore ran it. Allen called heads. And when the coin went up in the air, Allen shouted, "Wait! Wait!" The coin was plucked out of the air. And Allen said, "What are we going to do, let it fall to the floor or catch it and flip it over on your hand?" Let it fall, he was told. He called heads again. It came up tails.

Pretty big stuff. Might be the difference between the guy who can save your team for the next three or four years or the guy who might be a nice, complimentary player. "It was just nice to get a win," said Savage, sounding like a desperate coach. "We gotta string some wins like that together."

In terms of the draft, I don't think there is any chance of the Browns taking Gaines Adams that high in the draft, and quite frankly, I would be severely disappointed if we took a defensive player with the third overall pick. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense if King had included Joe Thomas in that mix of four players instead? The reason? Because our offensive line isn't in the best of shape, and it won't be after free agency either unless we sign one big-time player and another quality veteran starter.

In another little update, it appears that the Jacksonville Jaguars could be advocating for the signing of Browns receiver Dennis Northcutt. The Jaguars have several big receivers, but they are in desperate need of a slot-type receiver, something that I still feel Romeo Crennel and company completely ignored in regards to Northcutt's capabilities.