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Fullback Waived, Seth McKinney Signed

The Browns made two roster moves today after a relatively quiet week thus far. First off, the Browns waived fullback Terrelle Smith, a move that does not surprise me in the least bit. I was extremely happy when the Browns signed Smith back in 2004, as I believed he was one of the top fullbacks in the National Football League. Although I disagree wholeheartedly with the way Romeo Crennel involved him in the gameplan, Smith never really made much of an impact. I wish we would have been given the opportunity as fans to see Smith stay in games longer than the first series (and don't even get me started on that ridiculous pass in the flat we always called for him). With a move like this, it would seem as if the Browns would start Lawrence Vickers at fullback, a guy that Crennel gave a ton of praise after the season was over, despite him not receiving significant playing time.

We added more depth to our offensive line by signing veteran center/guard Seth McKinney to a one-year deal. McKinney has been in the league for five seasons, but missed all of last season to a back injury. He has plenty of starting experience with the Miami Dolphins, as he started all 16 games in 2004 as well as all 13 games that he played in during the 2005 campaign. This is a very nice signing, as I'm sure he didn't cost too much and he'll be the veteran backup guard if Hank Fraley is our starting center.