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Friedman Stays With Browns

It's spring time in the wonderful city of Cleveland, Ohio, the Indians' season is about to start, the Cavs are in the thick of the playoff race, and the NFL draft is just a little over a month away. Here are some news and nuggets from the past several days regarding our beloved Browns:

  1. Signing Friedman: The Browns re-signed offensive lineman Lennie Friedman to a one-year deal yesterday, as our backup offensive lineman have pretty much taken shape already. The Browns already have Seth McKinney, Isaac Sowells, and Joe Andruzzi available to compete for a guard spot.
  2. Mack is Back: Former running back Kevin Mack will rejoin the team as assistant director of player programs.
  3. Broncos Browns: Apparently, the Denver Broncos are still interested in former Browns lineman, somewhat. Although they released Courtney Brown a few days ago, they signed Alvin McKinley on Tuesday to a four-year deal. McKinley started 14 games for us last season, but in my opinion was ineffective in the 3-4 defense. We've already upgraded his position with Robaire Smith.
  4. Shoot Rumors Down: In regards to the "rumors" that Kellen Winslow would miss the entire 2007 season due to microfracture surgery, here is what owner Randy Learner had to say about it: "Nonsense. Kellen's doing great. He's rehabbing very, very well, he's incredibly diligent, he's a hard worker and he knows what he wants."
  5. Booty Sighting: Remember quarterback Josh Booty? He signed with the Oakland Raiders, after not being in football since 2003 (when he was with the Browns). Speaking of the Raiders, quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo signed with the New York Jets. The Browns were once rumored to be interested in signing the backup quarterback.