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What Does the Future Hold for David Carr?

Carr's Next Stop: Cleveland?
Similar to the Houston Texans making a move to fulfill their need at quarterback, could the Browns be on the verge of doing something similar? There have been conflicting reports over the past several months as to whether or not the Browns are satisfied with current quarterbacks Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson. One reporter in Carolina feels that Frye would be a good option for their team, considering his mobility. I wouldn't take too much into that rumor as I would the continued possibility of the Browns acquiring quarterback David Carr.

Carr was waived by the Texans just a few hours ago, after several teams, including the Browns, were reportedly interested in acquiring him via a trade. Remember now, I have stated all along that I am completely against the thought of bringing Carr to the Browns, simply because I don't believe he can perform any better than an average quarterback. Some may argue that Frye and Anderson aren't established as "average" quarterbacks yet, but the difference between them and Carr's potential is not substantial enough to take a flier on him. Other fans have claimed that the Browns should sign him as a backup, which really wouldn't make too much sense in my opinion. Carr has a rather populated interest on the market and will require a rather heavy paycheck for a backup.

Before I sign off, here is an article regarding the Browns' involvement with a $1.4 million program to help several Cleveland area schools. And, another note, several members of the Cleveland Browns were shown tonight on WWE's Friday Night Smackdown!