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Check That: Browns Want Green Instead?

Forget JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn. The Browns may have their eyes set on Trent Green. It has been confirmed by Browns general manager Phil Savage that the team contacted Kansas City Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson about a possible trade involving the veteran quarterback during this week's NFL meetings.

"I spoke to a number of teams/GMs about players/picks including KC," Savage said in an e-mail. "Bottom line, due diligence on a player who might be able to help us -- nothing imminent or on the table."
Although Savage has already stated that he is willing to enter training camp with Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson dueling it out for the starting role, acquiring a veteran quarterback with the experience of Green would not be a bad thing by any means. Not only would it deter attention away from us taking a quarterback in April's draft, we can focus on developing more important things, such as the offensive line (Joe Thomas) or the running back position (Adrian Peterson).

Other teams that are interested in Green are the Miami Dolphins and the Detroit Lions. Like the Browns, those two teams are in need of quarterbacks. Green's current contract runs through 2009, and he's scheduled to make $7.2 million next season, which is a fairly large amount. Although Green struggled this year, due to his early-season concussion in my opinion, he has been among the league leaders in passing in the AFC for several years now.

According to reports, the Chiefs are seeking a second-round pick for Green, and so far the Dolphins have offered them a seventh-rounder only. I would not want to give up a second- or third-rounder for Green, but I may be interested in working it our for a fourth-round pick or later.