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Ralph Brown Signs With Cardinals

It's time to celebrate, because cornerback Ralph Brown was signed by the Arizona Cardinals to a one-year deal on Friday. That likely removes all hope of the Browns bringing him back, after he was just an awful overall cornerback for us last season. I remember earlier in the season, it was so frustrating to see Leigh Bodden cover Chad Johnson so well, only to see one of our defensive backs slip and allow the slot receiver to catch two touchdowns. More times than not, that man was Ralph Brown.

Although, let's not forget that Brown did provide us with one highlight - a decisive shot to Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Alex Smith later in the season. One lousy hit...that's the only good I can remember from the guy in 16 games. And, to no one's surprise, it wasn't a team that has solid cornerbacks that picked him off the market, either. Hopefully Brown is in their lineup when we face them in Week 13.