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Joe Thomas is Certainly a Viable Option

Isn't it fitting that we're getting football weather when the "alternate form" of an NFL season is ready to begin in two weeks. The NFL draft is drawing near, and so is my personal mock draft, that of course, will include the Browns selecting offensive lineman Joe Thomas at pick No. 3. Let's take a look at all of the wonderful news regarding our beloved Browns on this Sunday afternoon:

  • Pluto Proposes Thomas: You have to love some of the points that Terry Pluto brings up, including the one's in his latest editorial. Let's take a look at some of his facts regarding the possibility of selecting Thomas:
    1. Jeremy Green of, a former scout for the Browns, had this to say: "I worked for five years with the Cleveland Browns, and every season we passed on quality offensive linemen. The lack of solid play up front led to numerous firings of coaches and front-office executives...In Joe Thomas, you get a player who will line up and start from Day 1. He excels in pass protection and the run game. He is a player who can set the tempo for the entire offensive line." Isn't it even more frustrating to hear internal people express the same philosophy that fans always express, but the proper action still didn't get taken?
    2. I'll let this quote from Pluto speak for itself:
      "Having a good left tackle is like having a good closer in the bullpen. You can change around the setup guys, but it takes someone special to pitch the ninth inning. It takes someone special to handle left tackle and to block the opponent's premier pass rusher."
    3. According to Pluto, Phil Savage recently told this to some Browns Backers: "To draft Thomas might not be the sexiest or most exciting pick, but he might be the best pick for the Browns." Once again, this is the type of talk that makes sense in my mind. Whether or not Savage actually goes through with it or not is a different story.
    4. Pluto also provides an outstanding example of what a veteran quarterback can do with an offensive line. Jeff Garcia was battered with the Browns three years ago, and he was battered with the Lions two years ago. Last year, he was brilliant with the Philadelphia Eagles because he had time to play up to his capabilities. If the Browns have Thomas and Steinbach added to the line this year, a veteran quarterback like Trent Green, or even a youngster like Charlie Frye or Derek Anderson, should have enough time to throw the football.
  • Green to Miami?: Speaking of Trent Green, he could be headed to the Miami Dolphins for a second-day draft pick by the end of next week, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. If the Dolphins acquire Green, that would likely call for the release or trade of Daunte Culpepper. Here's the question I have though: if quarterback Brady Quinn falls to the Miami Dolphins, would they still be interested in Green? If they aren't, then I wouldn't be surprised if the Browns give the Chiefs a call.
  • Heiden Signs Extension: Other people around the league probably won't care, but Browns fans should appreciate the contract extension given to a player like tight end Steve Heiden yesterday. Heiden's contract was extended four years, and we all know that he's a valuable backup to have behind Kellen Winslow.