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SBNation Mock Draft: Browns Take Alama-Francis

No. 67

Pick by Dawgs By Nature

Ikaika Alama-Francis
Defensive End

(Note to readers: this is my third round draft pick for our site-wide Sports Blogs Nations' NFL mock draft.) In the first two rounds, I selected offensive linemen, which probably goes against what the Browns will actually do, unfortunately. No one had an issue with me selecting Joe Thomas with the third overall pick, but John Morgan of thought I made a questionable decision in the second round by drafting center Ryan Kalil. Although taking Kalil is somewhat of a backup plan to LeCharles Bentley, that doesn't mean that Bentley will be outright "cut," as Morgan states. My idea would be to eventually have Bentley play guard and Kalil hold down the center position, or vice-versa if it works out that way.

Now, to my third round pick: Ikaika Alama-Francis. I really wanted to select cornerback Daymeion Hughes at this pick, which would have been a steal in my opinion. Unfortunately, the New York Jets selected him a few picks earlier. Francis is a value pick at this point, although some people have him going at the beginning or middle of the second round. Although we've made one addition to our defensive line this year, there's no questioning that both sides of the line were atrocious last season. Orpheus Roye is getting older, and Alama-Francis could compete for some playing time on either side, eventually forming a nice one-two punch with Kamerion Wimbley rushing from an outside linebacker position.

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