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Could Peterson's Injury Shy Away Browns?

Could the Browns be against drafting running back Adrian Peterson, due to the likeliness that he would need surgery to insert a plate in his collarbone? I'm not saying that the Browns will draft Peterson, but I don't believe this "injury" has affected their interest in him very much. Peterson would only be out for four to six weeks, and the Browns already have Jamal Lewis on the roster. Savage himself stated the same thing:

"This has not affected our opinion of him for the draft," Savage said in an e-mail response to the Plain Dealer.

Here are some interesting tidbits from Tony Grossi in today's Plain Dealer:

  1. If wide receiver Calvin Johnson is available when the Browns are on the clock, they would take him. However, I think if he's on the clock at that point, we would accept a trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  2. The Browns may have an interest in selecting Colorado kicker Mason Crosby in the fourth- or fifth-rounds of the draft.

  3. The Browns would enjoy having Ohio-Stater Anthony Gonzalez as a slot receiver and a punt returner, but the Browns would only consider him beyond the second round. By then, he will be long gone.

  4. "Browns receiver Braylon Edwards' name has been floated to gauge interest in a trade." That's interesting, but probably will turn out to be nothing.

I completed my first-round mock draft yesterday, and I have the Browns taking Joe Thomas. Later on, I will have a projection of players that I hope the Browns will select throughout the rounds, as well as our major positions of need. And, like last year, I will have instant draft analysis tomorrow afternoon and throughout the day for each selection, or trade that the Browns decide to make.