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2007 NFL Draft - Browns Select BRADY QUINN

Brady Quinn
Height: 6-4
Weight: 227
40-Time: 4.80
College: Notre Dame
Level: Senior

With the 22nd overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Dallas their pick to the CLEVELAND BROWNS! As soon as that happened, every fan in the world knew what it meant: the Browns were going to welcome quarterback Brady Quinn to the Browns organization. Just think about the concept: I had strongly been against taking Quinn with the third overall pick in the draft, because I was in love with Joe Thomas. Some fans thought Thomas was our guy, but many others wanted Quinn as our quarterback of the future. In the end, we got BOTH of them! How is that even possible, when it was doubted that Quinn would have any chance of falling past the Miami Dolphins at No. 9?

Of course, trading Quinn comes with a price. The Browns had to give up our second-round pick in this year's draft, as well as our first-round pick in next year's draft. That sounds costly, but if you ask experts around the league, I'm pretty sure they'll all say that the Browns struck gold. Granted, I still wasn't 100% high on getting Quinn, but I have no qualms about Phil Savage getting Quinn at this position. Here is some scouting information on Quinn:

Although it may have seemed like Brady Quinn's production dropped off a little in his final season at Notre Dame, he had a career high in passing touchdowns with 37. The best part about Quinn could be that he would already be prepared mentally for the NFL. Charlie Weis took Quinn under his wing, much like he did with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Quinn can do just about anything you could ask for in a quarterback. He was the clear leader of the Fighting Irish's offense, seldom threw interceptions, and faced tough competition on a weekly basis. His arm strength is definitely adequate for the NFL, his mechanics are fundamentally sound, and he has a knack for knowing when to take off and run despite not having the greatest speed. Showed unbelievable improvements from his sophomore year to his junior year.

Although he threw a career high in touchdowns during his senior year, some people feel that he didn't quite live up to expectations. Many people pegged him as the Heisman Trophy winner before the season began, but some early season struggles cost him and Notre Dame a shot at the National Championship. He only threw three interceptions, but his completion percentage went down three percentage points in his senior year due to some accuracy issues. Although Charlie Weis' system seemed to work well for Quinn, he may underestimate the capabilities of running that system against tougher competition in the NFL.

Overall, there aren't too many concerns for Quinn. He was originally thought of as the No. 1 quarterback to be taken this season, but now he may fall into the same boat as Matt Leinart did last year where a big and fast quarterback is taken ahead of him in JaMarcus Russell. Most teams would love to take Quinn and name him their franchise quarterback if given the opportunity.

I'd have to imagine that this will spell the end of Charlie Frye's run as our starting quarterback. Unless the Browns trade up again, our next pick will be in the early part of the third round.

Please leave comments in regards to your thoughts of this pick, just as you did with Thomas.