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2007 NFL Draft - Browns Select ERIC WRIGHT

Eric Wright
Height: 5-10
Weight: 192
40-Time: 4.36
College: UNLV
Level: Junior
In the first round, do you think the Kansas City Chiefs (No. 23) would have loved it if they could have drafted Brady Quinn as their quarterback of the future? It was too late for that, as the Browns traded with the Dallas Cowboys (No. 22) to make sure that didn't happen. Here in the second round, the Chiefs (No. 54) had to be salivating at the thought of getting cornerback Eric Wright. Guess what happened though? Just like the first round, the Browns traded with the Cowboys (No. 53) and selected Wright, the cornerback that I wanted all along. I knew that we would have no shot of getting him unless we traded to this part of the second round, but Phil Savage simply continues to work his magic.

Once again, though, the trade did not come without a cost. The Browns gave the Cowboys their third-round pick (No. 67), their fourth-round pick (No. 103), and their sixth-round pick (No. 178). The Browns received the Cowboys' sixth-round pick (No. 195) in the process, exchanging picks for that round. For the moment, I think it's pretty safe to say that the Browns had the best first-day imaginable, and are ready to call it a night in preparation for Day 2 tomorrow. Now, here is a little bit of information on Wright:

Although Eric Wright is seen as a "boom or bust" type of pick, he actually has the potential to turn out to be the best cornerback in the draft, in my opinion. He has tremendous speed for the cornerback position, meaning he'll be able to keep up with almost any receivers in the NFL. He expressed loads of confidence at the corner position at UNLV, and could even be used as a punt returner if the Browns want to try him out there.

Now, the drawbacks for Wright. He started off his career at USC, but then transferred after he was arrested for suspicion of rape. Those charges didn't amount to anything, but ecstasy pills were later found in the apartment that he shared with a roommate. These character issues have raised major concerns, and represent the reason why he wasn't selected somewhere in the first round. Due to having to transfer to UNLV, Wright missed one season of college football, and thus was only able to play one year with UNLV. During his final college season, Wright played in nine games and had 29 tackles with one interception. Wright is a player that I could potentially see starting for the Browns on opening day if Gary Baxter is not ready.

What a tremendous first day. As you guys did with Quinn and Thomas, please feel free to comment on the selection of Wright.