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Browns Sign Mike Adams, Announce Preseason

The Browns' preseason schedule was partially announced yesterday, as the teams that we'll be facing and the weeks that they're occurring were announced. However, the exact date of the games were not announced, and neither were the times for the games. The Browns will kick off the first two weeks of the preseason at home, and end with two games on the road.

  • Week 1: Kansas City vs. Cleveland The Chiefs do not want to remember what happened to them last season against the Browns, as some of their players can still see quarterback Derek Anderson dashing and spinning up the sideline in overtime. It is worth noting that Charlie Frye and Anderson played very well against the Chiefs defense, so both quarterbacks may have a chance at some early forms of comfort.
  • Week 2: Detroit vs. Cleveland The Lions could very well be the worst team in football this year. On the same note, we'll likely get to see a draft pick such as Brady Quinn or Joe Thomas playing for them.
  • Week 3: Cleveland vs. Denver Usually the third came is the "best test" of the preseason, and the Browns will have their hands full against a team that has made several acquisitions this already.
  • Week 4: Cleveland vs. Chicago The players will probably be out by the first series against the defending NFC Champions.
In other news, the Browns signed free-agent safety Mike Adams to a two-year contract yesterday. Adams played with the San Francisco 49ers last season and played in all 16 games, starting in eight of them. He had 67 tackles on the season, and spent some time playing on special teams as well. During his three-year stay with the 49ers, Adams totaled 139 tackles, one sack, and five interceptions. He was originally an undrafted free agent out of Delaware, and I doubt he'll compete much with either Sean Jones or Brodney Pool for a starting role.