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Browns Release Moss, Sign Jackson

It's another nice sunny Saturday in Cleveland Ohio, and while the Cavaliers can't seem to be stopped in the postseason, fans are still buzzing over the tremendous draft that the Browns had several weeks ago. The news has died down considerably since then, but fear not, because before you know it, training camp will be kicking into full gear. Let's take a look at some news and nuggets throughout the week that I haven't touched on yet.

  • Browns Release Moss: After many fans were thrilled with the signing of running back Tyrone Moss, they were probably somewhat deflated after hearing of his release on Tuesday. Moss had a tremendous season going for the Miami Hurricanes back in 2005 before tearing a ligament in his knee. Although the Browns did not give a statement on his release, it can be assumed that he still isn't the runner than he once could have been. The Browns also released offensive lineman Rick Drushal and linebacker Funtaine Hunter.
  • Signing More: When you release people, you often sign others to replace them. The Browns signed running back Jerome Jackson, offensive lineman Cliff Louis, and linebacker Kevin Sears. Jackson had rushed for 718 yards in 35 games with Michigan, and obviously did something to impress the team during minicamp.
  • Baxter Hopeful Again: As he has been in many interviews this offseason, cornerback Gary Baxter was very positive on returning this season to play in the Browns secondary, whether that be at cornerback or safety.
  • Campbell in AFL: Former Browns quarterback Lang Campbell will be the new starting quarterback for the Arizona Rattlers in the Arena Football League. Campbell's will start in today's game, as he tries to lead his team into the playoffs.
  • Shaffer News: According to some reports, the Giants are still looking to make a run at Kevin Shaffer before the start of training camp.