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Fans Loyal, Lewis Confident in System

Obviously, this is the time of the year when the news that comes in regarding football is not very extensive. There still are some people writing articles though, so I will try and link to those pages to provide some extra material you may be interested in reading.

Browns Headline Roller

Now then, I want to touch up on an article written by Rich Passan. Passan stated the following, something that I would tend to agree with:
Down through the years, I have come to one conclusion about fans of the Cleveland Browns. There isn't a better fan base in the entire football world.

Passan brings up several definitive points. When a factual error is made by a "prestigious" newspaper columnist, that person will get bombarded with hate mail and is often obligated to apologizing in his next column. Also, remember when the Browns fans influenced the decision to keep general manager Phil Savage over Mr. John Collins? I was listening to WTAM 1100 and WKNR 850 during those several controversial hours, and all of the work from the loyal fans paid off.

Also, how many other teams actually have team backers located across the world, in the hundreds per location? And, "What other fan base takes an emotional beating and becomes stronger? It's amazing how the fans' resolve increases with every disappointment." As much as we'd hate to take pride in that fact, it's true - our fans will never give up on the Cleveland Browns. Sure, out of frustration when we're losing, we'll call for Romeo Crennel's head, or wonder when a guy like Braylon Edwards will act like a professional player. However, that's the point - we are talking about those things - if you visit another team's town or online message board, you won't find nearly the same amount of dedicated fans as you would the Browns.

In other news, Canton Repository writer Steve Doerschuk featured an article this morning on Jamal Lewis preaching to be back at 100% for training camp. After five practices with the Browns so far, Lewis feels comfortable and believes that the surgery he had seems to have worked out.

"I'm making cuts I haven't really made in the last two years," he said.

Lewis stated that the Browns' offense is more complex than the Ravens was. Ideally that sounds like a good thing, although it's something that could go horribly wrong if the players aren't acclimated to it. Lewis remains confident that the system is the right one for him.

"In the right system - and I think this is the right system - I could be one of the best backs, if not the best in the NFL," Lewis said.

Before I sign off, I want to wish good luck again to the Cleveland Cavaliers for game five against the Detroit Pistons. Make us proud, LeBron and company!