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Browns Ditch Andruzzi, Barclay Goes 99

Say goodbye to Joe Andruzzi, as the Browns continued their overhaul of the offensive line on Friday by releasing the 10-year veteran guard. I appreciate the fact that Andruzzi was hindered by injuries last season, but it was clear to myself, as well as many Browns fans, that Andruzzi's best days were far, far behind him. And, spending $1.5 million on a guy this season who may not even be productive for us in backup duty simply wasn't worth the hassle in my opinion.

Now, in regards to another piece of our offense line, it appears that the Browns asked for a fourth-round draft pick when the New York Giants wanted offensive tackle Kevin Shaffer. The Giants did not approve of the deal, and I'm glad that they did not, for the time being. For one, the Browns would take a ridiculous $8 million salary cap hit by trading Shaffer. Second, as I stated last week, I believe the Browns need Shaffer on this team, and the Browns are trying to reassure him of that fact.

"We were in the weight room and I told [Shaffer] it wasn't my policy to give jobs away," Crennel said. "I told him it was his until someone takes it from him. If nobody can take it from him, then he'll keep it. That's the way it is with every position on this team."
If Shaffer does not keep the left tackle spot over Joe Thomas, he will in all likelihood beat out Ryan Tucker and Kelly Butler for the starting right tackle job. However, there is also a chance that the Browns may be interested in starting him at the guard position opposite of Eric Steinbach. Either way, it's much better this year to know that we have a better than average lineman in Shaffer having to move around on the line, showing the depth the team now has on the line compared to last season.

Here are some other notes regarding the Browns, including some tidbits from minicamp:

  • Getting Short: The Browns signed former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jason Short to a one-year deal. Short will likely try to win a job as a special teams specialist.
  • Frye's Job to Lose: Much like Crennel told Shaffer, Frye is "still" the starter at quarterback until he is unseated. We all know that this is the same approach that most coaches take, but there's certainly a chance that he'll be our opening day quarterback against the Pittsburgh Steelers. And, if he wins that one game, it could be the type of thing that keeps him at quarterback for an entire season, while Brady Quinn "learns behind him."
  • Savage Wanted Ross: According to the Plain Dealer, if Quinn wasn't on the board, Savage had originally wanted to trade up with the Dallas Cowboys to select cornerback Aaron Ross. That deal never would've occurred though, as Ross was taken two spots earlier anyway.
  • Punt Returners: Head coach Romeo Crennel stated that defensive backs Sean Jones and Eric Wright will be given consideration for the punt return job.
The NFL Europe season is already several games into the season, and a few Browns players are making some noise. Running back Chris Barclay, playing for the Berlin Thunder, had a 99-yard kickoff return for a touchdown yesterday against the Cologne Centurions. Barclay also had his carries at running back, running the ball 15 times for 38 yards. In the same game, Browns linebacker Clifton Smith had eight tackles for the Centurions, as well as a forced fumble.