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Browns Featured Negatively in Comic

In a recent panel of the somewhat popular comic strip "Funky Winkerbean", the Cleveland Browns were the primary focus! Unfortunately, we were on the receiving end of a punch-line that fans are tired of hearing.

(Click the image to see the comic in full size)

Terry Pluto, columnist from the Akron Beacon Journal, had some interesting takes on the Browns heading into the season. Here are some of the main points in summary that he focused on:

  1. The Real Story: As is the case with most teams, the primary focus heading into camp shouldn't be on the quarterbacks, it should be on the offensive line and Jamal Lewis. The Browns have not had an above average offensive line since returning to the league, something that's needed to produce a manageable quarterback.
  2. Quinn a Reach: It would be a huge surprise if Brady Quinn began the season as the starter.
  3. Focus on Wilson: The Browns are not deep at receiver whatsoever. Much of the units face will rely on whether or not Travis Wilson can succeed this season.
  4. Winslow's Compensation: Tight end Kellen Winslow should be used as if he's a wide receiver often due to our depth at the tight end position.
  5. Jurevicius Needs It: Joe Jurevicius needs the ball a lot more often.
  6. Lewis' Power: Lewis is only 28 years old, so we'll see if his offseason surgery makes him play at his prime.
Do you remember quarterback Vinny Testaverde? Of course you do. He's signed on for another year in the NFL, with the New England Patriots again.

Look for that article on failed Browns players heading to other teams tomorrow. I had a massive migraine that's finally gone away, and am up to creating content again.