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Browns' LeCharles Bentley Passes Physical

With the rookie's orientation sessions beginning today, the management at least wanted to get their lower picks signed on time. Last night, the Browns signed all of their remaining lower-level draft picks, including defensive lineman Melila Purcell, cornerback Brandon McDonald, and wide receiver Syndric Steptoe to four-year deals. The team still has until Friday to sign cornerback Eric Wright, offensive lineman Joe Thomas, and quarterback Brady Quinn. Ideally, having Thomas and Wright signed would be the best-case scenario, as Quinn would not start the season either way.

Today was also the day for LeCharles Bentley to undergo his physical, and guess what? He passed! Bentley was cleared his morning to return to playing football. Bentley believes that this test was the most important one to pass, meaning any other tests will be passed with ease.

"Dr. Warren is the expert in his field, he's the last person who operated on me and he's told me I'm fine," said Bentley. "It doesn't really matter to me what another doctor says at this point."
- Cleveland Plain Dealer
Bentley won't be able to jump back into action right away though. According to the Plain Dealer, Bentley stated that he'd still have to work on individual drills for about five weeks before giving the final game of the preseason a shot. If everything goes well, Bentley insists that he'll be good to go for opening day.