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Don't Fear Winslow's Changed Roster Title

According to the Orange and Brown Report, the Browns just changed tight end Kellen Winslow's roster status to "Active/Physically Unable to Perform". Fortunately, there is no need to start pulling hair over this decision, because it should help the Browns (unless the front office has done a tremendous job hiding something from everybody).

Winslow is still rehabbing, and was going to be limited in the first few days of training camp. The roster change for Winslow can be removed at any time during training camp, and he will not be forced to miss any time during the regular season. Basically, it appears that the Browns made this move so that they could invite another player to training camp. Then, when Winslow is ready to participate in drills, the team will simply release somebody else.

In some minor news, Cleveland Browns Stadium was re-sodded last night. The field should be fresh heading into the team's first preseason game on August 11, which is only 18 days away!