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Tim Couch Discusses Time in Cleveland

Tim Couch was on the WKNR 850 around 7:10 PM, and was interviewed for about a good 15 minutes. I listed to the whole thing, and here are some notes I took, in chronological order (note, some of the notes may only be very minute details):

  • Trying to catch on with a team right now. Couch is huge, up to 245 pounds.
  • Been working on his body physically to make himself more durable.
  • Working with a quarterback coach in Florida.
  • Looking forward to a team bringing him in for a workout.
  • "I'm not happy the way it worked out for me," in regards to why he wants to return to the NFL.
  • Has he heard anything from teams being interested? A few teams have shown a little interest.
  • Not significant interest has been shown, because teams are concerned about his shoulder.
  • No pain, throwing better than ever before.
  • Waiting to see if someone gets injured, or backups get cut for a possible roster spot.
  • In regards to Quinn being unsigned, how much pressure did he feel to be signed on time? There was a lot of pressure being the first pick in a new franchise. As a QB, you want to be in the spotlight and Brady's probably the same way. Got to be a hard working kid.
  • Looking back, he should've sat a little longer before playing. At the time, there's no way he would deny the opportunity though.
  • Regrets that it didn't work out as expected. He expected to still be here today. Blames inconsistent play on his part, injuries, and poor teams.
  • He didn't really understand the business of the game at the time, that being a QB is the face of the franchise. When you lose, you get the blame and have to accept it.
  • Best time was the year they went to the playoffs, unfortunately that's where things went south for him due to Holcomb's effort.
  • Why isn't he respected nationally, especially with so many 4th-quarter comebacks? He's not sure, but maybe because there were extremely high expectations.
  • Him and Kelly are still good friends. With Butch, they didn't really speak much his final year there. He hasn't communicated with him, it's not the best relationship. Did he get screwed by Butch? It was unfortunate, he feels he deserved a chance. Locker room was divided. Holcomb and Couch were scared that any time they made a bad pass, they would get benched.
  • Advice for this year's QB is to stick together: it's a team game. Push each other, try to get each other better, and realize there can only be one starter, but the backup is only one play away from starting.
  • It's important for Quinn to get in ASAP. He has the same agent as Quinn, and knows they're working hard for a deal, but it takes time. The Browns fans are very very passionate, and there's no better place to play than Cleveland. He'll definitely enjoy his time.
  • How many years was he 100% healthy? Only during the playoff year. Always had nagging elbow problems.
  • Did taking so many sacks hurt? Yes, it obviously made an impact, especially when young QBs hold onto the ball too long.
  • 3-4 as a starter against the Steelers. What was it about Pittsburgh? Nationally televised against Steelers was one of his favorite games.
  • Regrets his comments after concussion towards fans. He had hit a boiling point after playing bad and getting booed. Things were never quite the same for him after that.
  • If someone gave him a chance, he could contribute well. He's never thrown the ball as well as he's throwing it now. He's much better mechanically than he's ever been.
  • How long will he give himself to make a comeback? Probably just this year.
  • He'd absolutely come back to Cleveland in a heartbeat to show what he can do. However, our situation doesn't really call for that right now.
  • Would he come back somewhere just as a backup? Yes, he would come back in any role, especially in his first year.
  • Loves being a dad, very cool watching him grow up. He's a righty, and they're teaching him to be a quarterback.
I'm still a Tim Couch fan, otherwise I wouldn't have paid so much attention to his interview.