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Winslow Practicing, Bentley Needs Four Weeks

Just before the start of training camp, Browns GM Phil Savage met with the media to discuss various issues regarding the team. The most important issues related to the three players that were placed on the active/PUP list a few days ago. Thanks to Barry McBride's outstanding coverage over at the Orange and Brown Report, here is a general breakdown on each player:

  • Kellen Winslow, TE: We're starting off with the good news first. Winslow had the most progression among the players, and was actually activated already. Winslow should be on the field practicing as I'm typing this up.
  • Gary Baxter, CB: The news with Baxter is still encouraging. Savage stated that while Baxter could probably practice today with certain drills, they will not consider activating him until Monday. Even on Monday, he will not be participating in full drills right away.
  • LeCharles Bentley, C: Now, the bad news. It's not really "bad" news, but we're going to have to wait a little longer before we see Bentley on the field. The team will re-evaluate Bentley's status in four weeks. In the mean time, he will continue rehabbing Berea and on his own, probably similar to what Braylon Edwards did last season.
Besides that, the only other newsworthy item is the fact that cornerback DeMario Minter will not practice today and is wearing a boot. Minter missed all of last season due to injuries.

Remember, our full training camp recap of Day 1 will be up later on tonight.