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Training Camp Report: Day 2 (Morning)

Yesterday, I said that it wouldn't be logical to believe that the way a player looks on the first day of training camp would represent any breakthroughs in positional competitions. On Day 2 of training camp, that may have been a different story. The Browns had their first two-a-day session scheduled today - one in the morning and one in the evening. It started off muggy in the morning, but the sun will be out for the evening session, making it feel much hotter than it actually is. Let's start with the notes from the morning practice:


  1. Advantage: Frye: The quarterback competition is underway. After Romeo Crennel stated yesterday that Frye had an advantage in the competition due to his experience, Frye did the best that he could to live up to his coach's expectations. Frye was leaps and bounds better than Derek Anderson in the morning. According to the OBR, the play of the day was when Frye connected on a deep pass to wide receiver Tim Carter. Still, Carter, the man that we acquired in the trade of Reuben Droughns, dropped other passes.
  2. Anderson's Troubles: I stated that Anderson had trouble in the morning, and that started with his very first pass which was intercepted by safety Brodney Pool. Anderson was inconsistent throughout the practice, whether it be throwing the ball in an uncomfortable spot for his receiver or not being able to recognize anyone as being open. Altogether, both quarterbacks do not look overly impressive still.
  3. Backup Fullback: Remember the name Charles Ali? A few days ago, I stated that based on his minicamp efforts, Ali had a good chance at being the team's backup fullback. Ali looked good in the morning as a blocker, having some hard hits often. On the same note, he didn't show skills as a receiver. If the Browns are seeking a backup fullback with the capability of sometimes delivering punishing blows, Ali could be the only free agent rookie to find a spot on the Browns' 53-man roster.
  4. Left Tackle: Guess who is already getting reps with the first unit? Joe Thomas. Good to know that Crennel isn't going to be an idiot and not get him acclimated with the first offense until a few weeks into camp. When Thomas came in at left tackle, Kevin Shaffer was shifted over to right tackle, while Seth McKinney occupied one of the guard positions still (Ryan Tucker was not in the mix at times). In terms of how Thomas looked: on the first play, Thomas supposedly buried Matt Stewart into the ground. At the end of the day, Thomas looked very good.
  5. Welcome Mr. Wright: Cornerback Eric Wright joined the team today after not arriving on time yesterday. As a prank, the team lined up to do sprints, and when the whistle blew, the only one to take off was Wright. Wright had to run an entire lap while the rest of the team watched in joy. Although Wright spent more time with the second unit, he did have some opportunities lined up opposite Leigh Bodden as a starter. The other Wright, Kenny Wright, also saw some action with the first unit.
  6. Trick Plays: Finally, the Browns may be getting ready to use Joshua Cribbs on trick plays this year. Cribbs threw a touchdown pass in the morning, and was also used often in reverses and as a receiver.
  7. Dropping the Ball: With the third receiving spot open, it doesn't sound like Travis Wilson is taking advantage of the opportunity. Wilson dropped passes all day long and never got into any groove.
  8. Loud Coach: Get ready to see an explosive special teams coach this year. Ted Dashier is the man replacing Jerry Rosburg, and Dashier has been extremely vocal towards his troops, telling them exactly what he things about them.
  9. Step"noe": One of the reasons Dashier may have been getting mad could be due to Syndric Steptoe. The rookie receiver dropped a few punts and passes.
  10. Washington's Effectiveness: Big Ted Washington can be effective, but he needs a lot of breaks. That's why it's so important that another defensive tackle be available this year. In terms of another lineman, J'Vonne Parker was playing defensive end with the third unit.
  11. Shaffer Talk: After practice, Crennel had a private, one-on-one conversation with Kevin Shaffer, probably discussing the role that the team envisions him having as a right tackle now. Beyond the fact that they talked though, it's hard to tell what went down.
  12. McKinney Impressive: With days like this, Seth McKinney won't have to worry about anyone taking his job. McKinney did well blocking this morning.
  13. Bodden's Health: Having a healthy Leigh Bodden will make or break the secondary this year. This morning, Bodden did a great job having tight coverage on Braylon Edwards and Tim Carter.
  14. Finding Holes: Running back Jamal Lewis hit the hole hard, making the other backs on our team look like amateurs. As expected, the running back position isn't very prolific outside of Lewis.
  15. Hit of the Day: According to the Dispatch, linebacker Leon Williams had the hit of the day, blowing up running back Jason Wright.
I'll be back tonight with the recap of the evening practice.

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