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Awaiting Draft Signings is Frustrating

Where are the draft signings Mr. Savage?
Sometimes, it's a little difficult to comprehend why certain teams sign their draft picks early, while others wait until the middle of July or later. The Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints have signed nearly all of their draft picks, while the Browns have failed to sign a single one thus far. We're not the only team that hasn't signed a draft pick yet, in fact, two other teams in our division, the Ravens and the Bengals, haven't signed one either. Of course, you can't blame the Bengals' management for a delay since they're probably too busy handling all of the DUI's and arrests regarding a dozen players on their roster.

In today's Star-Telegram, a Dallas newspaper, there is an article describing why fans of the Cowboys will be paying close attention to the Cleveland Browns this season. The Cowboys own the Browns' first-round draft choice next year, and with every injury, loss, or coaching change the Browns make, their chances of having a higher draft pick go up. One awkward comment from the article:

Top draft pick Joe Thomas has yet to sign a deal, so it is a high possibility that the Browns' two first-round draft choices will be absent from the start of training camp.
Am I mistaken, or is Greg Olsen the only player in the NFL from the first round to have signed a contract yet? Talk about speculation too early into the season regarding a possible holdout, when none of the first rounders have even reached deals with the exception of one.

Canton Repository writer Steve Doerschuk has a story on Crennel meeting Belichick this season, as well as having the possibility of two quarterback projects of Charlie Weis squaring off. Also via the Repository, here are some recent quotes from Browns guard Eric Steinbach from an interview on Sirius NFL Radio:

"I wouldn't have made the decision to come to Cleveland if I didn't feel their direction going forward (was positive)," Steinbach said. "You (host Gary Myers) brought up Phil Savage. I think he's done a tremendous job in maneuvering and getting guys over there.

"They've kind of had some bad luck there. Obviously, LeCharles (Bentley) has suffered his knee injury. But the moves (Savage) has made this past offseason ... was just great work. ... I really see us making a new change soon. They're plugging in all the right pieces for us to be successful as soon as this year."

Chris W. from BitterFans has a piece on the Browns kicking game this season, including the competition for Phil Dawson and Dave Zastudil this season. Finally, with one more note, a little comedic spoof involving the Browns.

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