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Training Camp Report: Day 14 - Baxter Returns

The Browns hit the practice field on Monday for the first time since their preseason victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Many players made impressions on gameday, but there are still positions to be won based on what individuals do in practice. Several people know that their performance this week against the Detroit Lions may be their final chance to impress Romeo Crennel and the rest of the staff. Let's see how things went:

  1. Wise Decision?: Apparantly, there may actually be some more common sense than we thought in the Browns organization. After Chris Barclay's game-winning punt return against the Kansas City Chiefs, the team is now giving him reps at returning punts in practice. He also received a few more reps at the running back position. The preseason doesn't really matter for many players, but it's amazing how one well-timed play can suddenly increase your chances of making the final roster. There is some negativity in this fairytale though: Barclay basically muffed three of the punts that Dave Zastudil sent his way.
  2. Scout Preparations: The Browns didn't waste any time getting prepared for their game against the Detroit Lions, and they finally allowed cornerback Gary Baxter to see some action on the scout defensive team, where he was matched up against some of the Browns' receivers. He still needs to get back into a groove to be used to live-game action again, but it looks like Baxter is actually going to complete his remarkable comeback. There have not been any comments made in regard to whether or not he'll play in any preseason games.
  3. Quinn Elevated: Crennel didn't make a big deal about it, but Brady Quinn worked with the third team a lot during practice, taking reps away from veteran Ken Dorsey. That's not to say that Dorsey won't come in before Quinn this Saturday, but it doesn't look like Quinn will be held back too long much longer. Quinn also had some reps with the second team, and has been confirmed to play against the Lions in the second half. Quinn looked sharp timing his receivers on shorter passes, but he overthrew them when it came time to throw the deep ball.
  4. Anderson to Start?: While he didn't admit to anything, Crennel gave a hint that Derek Anderson may start against the Lions. I can't say that I disagree with that for the sake of being fair. In practice Monday, Frye and Anderson were the opposite of Quinn almost, as they did well throwing the deep ball but kept mistiming their shorter throws. Anderson looked more accurate than he did in the Chiefs game, and Frye was Frye. Overall, none of the quarterbacks did a bad job.
  5. Williams Time: Due to an ankle injury, linebacker Andra Davis was limited for most of practice, allowing Leon Williams to receive more playing time. Although D'Qwell Jackson is projected to start next to Davis, it would not surprise me if Williams impresses the staff enough to be inserted into the starting lineup. Other injuries included DeMario Minter (foot) and Justin Sandy (knee).
  6. Secondary Sharp: When the offensive scout team was run against our first-string defense, both Sean Jones and Leigh Bodden performed well. Jones broke up a few passes while Bodden had an interception.
  7. Roster Addition: The team re-signed offensive lineman Brent Pousson, an undrafted free agent from McNeese State. He was originally waived by the Browns after rookie minicamp.
The Browns had two practices today, which I shall have reports on tomorrow. Until then, I encourage you to check out kjc's diary on Tuesday's practice.