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Sirius NFL Radio Recap - Browns

The Browns were featured on Sirius NFL Radio this morning, and I was able to listen to most of the broadcast. I faded off at parts towards the end, but that seemed to be around the time that they were only taking calls. Here are some notes (the first few notes refer to the announcers, Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan, discussing the status of the Browns amongst themselves and to some callers):

  1. The Browns QB situation is better than last year. Frye/Anderson can play at a higher level.
  2. They believe Eric Steinbach will have a hard time adjusting to our QB situation. He was used to Carson Palmer getting rid of the ball quickly. That won't be the case with Frye.
  3. Joe Thomas will be bull-rushed to start the season, but he should know that.
  4. Eric Wright has been very good in camp and will be a starter Week 1.
  5. The Browns' best improvement this year: pass protection. We should pass protect extremely well.
  6. The Browns will have trouble in the running game still. They don't feel that a philosophy of running it on the left side will work as well as we're hoping.
  7. The defensive line has a ridiculous amount of experience, but in our case, that's a bad thing. They doubt that Washington, Smith, and Roye will last 16 games.
  8. The Browns should give Romeo Crennel a four-year extension right now. Changing head coaches, even with a 4-12 type of season this year, will not help this franchise at all.
  9. Derek Anderson was interviewed. Best thing the offense is doing? The effort; wanting to be a good. Host says that the Patriots have a tremendous tempo on offense. Does Chudzinski so something similar? Anderson states that the play clock is set at 14 seconds in practice when they come out, instead of 25 like a real game. On 3rd-and-7, what's the best personnel grouping? Anderson says it's having two backs with two tight ends. Jamal Lewis has been a better catcher than he thought.
  10. Wimbley interviewed next. He appreciated McGinest's mentoring last year, and is still learning from him. Joe Thomas and him have been battling in camp, and Thomas has nice footwork. Wimbley sounded very intelligent. He's also been working on his inside move.
  11. Thomas interviewed next. Very quick interview.
  12. Frye interviewed next. The hot weather is improving everyone's conditioning. Fatigue from only three quarterbacks in camp? Not really, but there are a lot more reps than usual. He knows that he has a completely different mindset offensively this year. He'll have a half-second to a second more to throw the ball, and that's huge. Eric Wright has good instincts. Jamal Lewis and the line are solid. He will salivate when defenses put eight in the box on first/second down so he can throw it to Kellen Winslow. Announcers later stated that they were touched emotionally with the passion they see from Frye.
  13. Jamal Lewis was interviewed. He was surprised to be on SI cover. His health is good, and he lost some body weight in the offseason. Savage recruited him after Baltimore let him go; it was Lewis' decision to only sign a one-year deal. He loves this OL...great holes and blocks. He's looking forward to facing the Ravens' defense on a competitive side.
  14. Baxter was interviewed. He wants to be back by the third or fourth preseason game.
  15. Romeo interviewed last. Antwaan Peek will be a big help to the outside linebackers. Hasn't made a decision in the QB race, but he's pleased with what he sees. QBs aren't being overworked by any means; they need more work to be ready for Week 1. Jason Wright will probably be the backup running back if Lewis goes down, but Jerome Harrison will see the third down action regardless. Baxter wants to be a cornerback, and they'll let him try out there. However, Crennel stated that Baxter will have to adapt to the situation and be available at safety as well.
I haven't verified that the audio works, but over at DawgBones there are links to the entire broadcast supposedly. If they work and you didn't catch the broadcast, I encourage you to check it out. Today's training camp report will be up a little later.