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Training Camp Report: Day 7 - WR Down

With Day 7 of training camp, several wide receivers were able to take advantage of a situation to make an impression on the coaches. What was the reasoning behind that? Read on and you'll find out...

  1. No Rain Today: Although a massive downpour came out of no where to flood the streets of Downtown Cleveland during the afternoon, not a drop appeared to fall on Berea. The heat still played a factor in fatigue today, especially during the hottest part of the day.
  2. Injuries Piling Up: The injury report is quickly growing after Orpheus Roye's announcement of surgery (which was successful this morning). Isaac Sowells and Jason Wright sat out of practice after feeling dizzy as a result of collisions from Wednesday's practice. The biggest news involved wide receiver Tim Carter, who sat out practice with a tight hamstring. Carter was busy jogging and playing catch with a trainer in the mean time.
  3. Priest Holmes Leap: Remember when Priest Holmes was healthy a few years ago, and was known for making crazy dives into the end zone on a regular basis? The Browns weren't going to take things that far today, but they did work on drills where running backs dive into the end zone. The backs were diving over trash cans and landing on a mat in the end zone. While Jamal Lewis and Jerome Harrison seemed to complete the drill fine, some of the youngsters on the roster didn't appear quite comfortable yet.
  4. Bulked Up: Maybe a little more bulk is just the thing that Jerome Harrison needed to be taken more seriously by the coaching staff. Harrison had a tremendous practice today behind the first- and second-unit offensive lines. Harrison took it the distance twice - once with each unit - behind strong blocks from the fullbacks and left side of the offensive line. On both occasions, he basically went in untouched. One negative though: he fumbled the ball at least once, possibly twice.
  5. Changing it Up: After is seemed like the Browns were slowly giving Joe Thomas more time with the first team and shifting Kevin Shaffer over to right tackle, the Browns mixed it up today. Most of the time, the Browns' first unit featured Shaffer at left tackle and Ryan Tucker at right tackle.
  6. Efrem Hill: We haven't heard much from Efrem Hill in camp, but he had a big day today. Hill did a fine job making catches while keeping his feet in bounds near the sidelines. He also made a nice over-the-shoulder reception from Ken Dorsey over Daven Holly.
  7. Daily Wilson: Maybe Wilson is getting the message finally, because these reports are starting to get positive. After making a few touchdown receptions yesterday, Wilson made some great catches today, including an instance where he came back to the ball on a pass from Frye. If Tim Carter's injury becomes anything serious, then Wilson is clicking at the right time.
  8. Don't Neglect Josh: Don't forget about Joshua Cribbs just yet, after hearing about Wilson and Hill. Cribbs was the person to take Carter's spot in the lineup today, and he looked fine with the exception of one miscommunication with Frye. Cribbs also worked on practicing as a gunner on kick returns.
  9. Expecting More: Sure, Braylon Edwards has the potential to be the best wide receiver on the team. The drops need to stop if he wants to live up to that billing; another poor day for Edwards considering he was a high first-round draft pick two years ago.
  10. Iffy Again: No one is leaping ahead in the competition at quarterback still, as the same old stories continue. Derek Anderson bulleted a nice pass to Kellen Winslow in double- or triple-coverage for his highlight of the day. Frye's highlight was an "underthrown" ball that Wilson made a nice adjustment on.
  11. Set in Stone: After another great day of practice, the Browns secondary on August 11th should feature Eric Wright and Leigh Bodden at the corners, and Sean Jones and Brodney Pool at the safeties. Pool and Wright are exceeding expectations in camp. With the second unit, Justin Hamilton will fill one of the backup roles without question.
  12. Flip a Coin: We may not be able to read much into who starts at QB against the Kansas City Chiefs in a little over a week. Romeo Crennel stated that he may night announce the decision until gameday, and that it won't necessarily have a bearing on who is the favorite at the time.
  13. Big Men: When Ted Washington and Shaun Smith are on the defensive line at the same time, it's a sight to see in terms of size. The combination was able to do a decent job against our running game, and they were not the men that allowed Harrison to walk all over them.
  14. Baxter Update: In case you're wondering, Gary Baxter is still doing individual drills only. He has not joined the regular defensive guys yet.
Tomorrow should be cooler for the Browns, but could a thunderstorm put a stop to one of the sessions?