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Final Roster Projection 2007 - 2nd Edition

Pos Final Roster Players Cut
QB Charlie Frye
Brady Quinn
Ken Dorsey
Derek Anderson (Traded)
RB Jamal Lewis
Jason Wright
Jerome Harrison
Chris Barclay
FB Lawrence Vickers J.R. Niklos
Charles Ali
WR Braylon Edwards
Joe Jurevicius
Tim Carter
Joshua Cribbs
Travis Wilson
Kendrick Mosley*
Efrem Hill
Maurice Mann
Steve Sanders
Mike Mason
Syndric Steptoe*
TE Kellen Winslow
Steve Heiden
Darnell Dinkins
Ryan Krause
Buck Ortega*
OL Joe Thomas
Eric Steinbach
Hank Fraley
Seth McKinney
Kevin Shaffer
Kelly Butler
Lennie Friedman
Nat Dorsey
Isaac Sowells
Andrew Hoffman
Cliff Louis
Fred Matua
Rob Smith
Brent Pousson
DL Orpheous Roye
Ted Washington
Robaire Smith
Shaun Smith
Ethan Kelley
Simon Fraser
Chase Pittman*
J'Vonne Parker
Babatunde Oshinowo
Orien Harris
Melila Purcell*
Alvin Smith
LB Kamerion Wimbley
Andra Davis
D'Qwell Jackson
Antwaan Peek
Leon Williams
Chaun Thompson
Mason Unck
David McMillan
Kris Griffin
Jason Short
Clifton Smith
S Sean Jones
Brodney Pool
Justin Hamilton
Mike Adams
Jeremy LeSueur
Justin Sandy
CB Leigh Bodden
Eric Wright
Daven Holly
Kenny Wright
DeMario Minter
Jereme Perry
Brandon McDonald*
Therrian Fontenot
ST Ryan Pontbriand
Phil Dawson
Dave Zastudil
Kyle Basler
Jessie Ainsworth
The above list contains 53 players that were kept, and 28 players that were cut. I placed six people (represented by a "*") on the practice squad. Here is a list of people that did not appear on the roster due to injuries (note: some of these are also injury projections. i.e., Gary Baxter is not on the PUP right now.)

Injured Reserve:
Matt Stewart
Jerome Jackson

Physically Unable to Perform List:
LeCharles Bentley
Willie McGinest
Gary Baxter

NFL Suspended List:
Ryan Tucker

Here are all of the changes I made since my first version of this list about two weeks ago (remember, these are all hypothetical, they have not actually happened):

  • QB Ken Dorsey has made the team now, because Derek Anderson was traded.
  • RB Chris Barclay was added to the roster for special screen plays and special teams play.
  • FB Charlies Ali was cut, due to not really being overly impressive.
  • WR Syndric Steptoe was cut, but added to the practice squad.
  • TE Darnell Dinkins was added to the final roster for blocking abilities all around.
  • OL Brent Pousson was added to the cut list (he wasn't signed when my first list came out).
  • LB Kris Griffin was added to the roster in favor of LB Jason Short. You can only keep one.
  • S Gary Baxter was moved to the PUP list, opening up a roster spot in the secondary.
  • CB Jereme Perry took over Baxter's secondary spot.
  • CB Brandon McDonald and placed him on the practice squad instead of Therrian Fontenot.
  • CB DeMario Minter was removed from the PUP list and placed on the final roster.
Today's game will be the last chance for many of these guys to make an impact. If you have any comments on this roster or changes you would make, please let me know. Then, we'll see who is right when the first cuts are made.