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Steinbach & Roye Return; Roster Trimmed

The Browns must trim their roster down to 75 people by 4:00 PM today, which is a few hours away from this posting. Yesterday, the team made several moves to get the roster down to 76 people. That means that only one more person will be waived today, unless the team wants to go overboard and cut a few more players while they are at it. Here is a list of the transactions yesterday, along with a little comment for each:


  1. WR Mike Mason: Not really a surprise really, as he didn't even get into much preseason action.
  2. WR Kendrick Mosley: I expect him to be placed on the practice squad again, although he didn't make much of an impact in preseason this year.
  3. TE Buck Ortega: We only really saw him showcased for one game, but that may be enough to have him on the practice squad due to his ties with Chudzinski.
  4. DE Orien Harris: Not a surprise.
  5. DB Therrian Fontenot: Not a surprise, and a long shot to make the practice squad.
  6. K Jesse Ainsworth: Thanks for making a nice tackle two weeks ago.
  1. FB J.R. Niklos: It's down to Lawrence Vickers and Charles Ali now.
  2. WR Efrem Hill: He made some noise in camp at times, so it's a shame that an injury occurred.
  3. DB Justin Sandy: His only memory was being flagged for a personal foul.
Finally, P Kyle Basler and DL Alvin Smith were sent to the non-football injury-NFL Europa list.

In much brighter news, guess who are back on the practice field? Eric Steinbach and Orpheus Roye! Both men worked on the field Monday, although I have not heard on whether or not they will play Thursday against the Chicago Bears.

Later on, I will have my review of this past weekend's Browns vs. Broncos game, and then tomorrow I hope to have the preview for Thursday's final preseason contest against the Bears.