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Training Camp Report: Day 8 (Morning)

After the news regarding Ryan Tucker, the Browns still had two practice sessions scheduled for today. The morning practice was very light with no pads involved. The team worked numerous drills rather than the usual type of things they've been doing the past several days, so it's difficult to have any notes on specific players. Maybe these drills will be put into play during the evening practice, when everybody should be back in pads.

  1. QB Keepers: The team worked on quarterback sneak drills down near the goal line. The emphasis would focus on the best part of the line for the QB to push towards, and the technique involved in doing so.
  2. Miracle Plays: With "no time remaining on the clock", the Browns worked on laterals. You know what I'm talking about; the type of things that get you excited at some point near the end of a game when your team is losing, only to see the defense recover a fumble or see a flag thrown for an illegal forward pass. Still, they practice it for a reason: miracles do happen.
  3. Hard Count: Do you ever get sick of seeing Romeo Crennel send the team back on the field for a 4th-and-1, and the only thing that our quarterback does is run up to the line and deliver a hard count before calling a timeout, just in case the defense will jump offsides? The Browns worked on that this morning.
  4. Instructions: As I stated in the introduction, this practice was not intended for any specific players to shine. Crennel was often giving instructions to the entire team, which would make it hard for fans to know what was being said from a distance.
Bank on the evening session being a normal type of practice.