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Training Camp Report: Day 9 - Closed In

A steady rain throughout the day cancelled the team's outdoor practice for the first time this season, but the team was busy inside the closed facility. Since the session was closed to fans and only the media could see what was going on, it's impossible to put together an informative Day 9 recap. Perhaps the story of a man holding a clipboard will overshadow that?

  1. Bentley Present: Center LeCharles Bentley was on the field during practice Sunday, a supposed step forward to making a return to football. Don't get too excited though, because Bentley did not participate in any drills, although he did wear his jersey. Bentley stood around during practice with a clipboard, taking notes on the terminology involved with the offense. Bentley told the media that his knee is currently around 70% healed. When he returns to football, he expects it to only be 90% healed, because it'll never be what it once was.
  2. LeCharles' Fate: Bentley's fate will be based on that percentage when the team examines him at the end of training camp. If he's at 90%, he may be activated and have a chance to be used as a backup to start the season. If he's below 90%, then he'll remain on the PUP list, and then be re-evaluated after six weeks have passed by. It looks like Bentley is still ahead of schedule in the long run, but without the same miracle flavor that Braylon Edwards and Gary Baxter provided.
  3. Change Confirmed: It would seem as if Romeo Crennel has declared Joe Thomas as the opening day starting left tackle. Kevin Shaffer was at right tackle during practice today, and when asked whether or not this was the team's first unit for the future, Crennel simply stated, "Yes."
  4. Substance Abuser: Due to the public announcement of his suspension, Ryan Tucker will continue working with the third-team offense throughout training camp, allowing Nat Dorsey and Kelly Butler to receive more reps.
  5. Battling Injuries: Several players returned from injuries. Tim Carter was practicing again after nursing a sore hamstring the past few days. Fullback Lawrence Vickers and linebacker Antwaan Peek were also on the field after battling through injuries. Running back Jason Wright participated in drills that did not involve contact. After a practice off, Joe Jurevicius was on the field too.
  6. Out With Injuries: Linebacker Matt Stewart did not practice again, and will be out for several days with a shoulder problem. Cornerback Kenny Wright was out with a groin problem, and offensive lineman Isaac Sowells was absent with his concussion.
  7. Stepping Up: According to the Browns' website, Syndric Steptoe was the "Camper of the Day" for displaying good quickness and being able to stop on a dime, as well as changing direction.
  8. Minor Edge: Indoors, Derek Anderson had the slight edge over Charlie Frye. Anderson had some nice hookups with his receivers, while Frye had to pull the ball down and run it himself a few times after not being able to find an open target.
  9. Hall of Fame Game: The Steelers defeated the Saints, 20-7 in the first game of the preseason. Roethlisberger was 2-of-3 for 73 yards.
The Browns have two practices on Monday, and they should be thrilled that they don't have an afternoon practice. Unless something changes, it could feel 95 degrees during the hottest part of the day.