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Training Camp Report: Day 8 (Evening)

With the Browns having no practice scheduled for Saturday, I was either going to take the day off from Dawgs By Nature on Saturday or Sunday. I decided to take it on Saturday, so I apologize if any of you were constantly refreshing for updates throughout the day. Now, let's shift back a little bit to Friday's evening practices, which was highlighted by the Browns performing in a scrimmage-like environment:

  1. Game Atmosphere: Since there weren't two different teams on the field, it was purely offense vs. defense. To simulate that atmosphere, the offense was located on one sideline, while the defense was on the opposite sideline. Substitutions were also being made in appropriate situations.
  2. Frye's Team: The first team was on the field with Charlie Frye, as Joe Thomas and Kevin Shaffer were both featured on the offensive line. Frye's highlights in the opening included a strike to Steve Heiden. A little later, Jamal Lewis had a very nice run on the left side of the line.
  3. Anderson's Team: While Frye did an ok job, Derek Anderson's drive came to a stop fairly quickly. After hitting Travis Wilson on a nice over-the-shoulder catch, the drive stalled when Jerome Harrison lost a yard on third down with four yards to go. Harrison tried to sneak a run in on the left side of the line.
  4. Red-Zone Scrimmage: In the drill involving offenses in the red zone, Frye pulled out as the winner again. In the red zone, Frye hit receiver Kendrick Mosley for a touchdown. Anderson tried to utilize a few running plays from Jamal Lewis, but Anderson's passes to Joshua Cribbs and Steve Heiden fell incomplete. To Anderson's credit, if Heiden would have held onto his pass, he probably would've had a touchdown.
  5. Two-Minute Drill: Put another checkmark on the board for Frye, who performed better than Anderson with two minutes to go. Anderson was not able to get a first down against the first-team defense, meaning his drive was stopped quickly. Frye on the other hand was able to lead the second team down into field-goal range.
  6. Daily Wilson: The progress can be seen with Travis Wilson's over-the-shoulder catches in camp recently. He is still dropping a few balls that he should have though, giving him nothing more than an average effort Friday night.
  7. Wimbley Owns Thomas: When Kamerion Wimbley dipped his shoulder, Joe Thomas couldn't stop him, a play that would've definitely resulted in a sack if contact was allowed.
  8. Injury Report: The following people did not practice: CB DeMario Minter (foot), RB Jason Wright (concussion), WR Mike Mason (knee), WR Tim Carter (hamstring), and OG Isaac Sowells (concussion). CB Gary Baxter, WR Joe Jurevicius, LB Matt Stewart, and LB Antwaan Peek sat out of the practice. FB Lawrence Vickers limped off the field during practice with a sore knee.
The Browns should be back on the field today, as they'll start getting ready for the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday. The NFL preseason kicks off today with the Hall of Fame game, featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New Orleans Saints. For the sake of being a Browns fan, go Saints!