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Training Camp Report: Day 10 (Morning)

It wouldn't be so bad if it was only hot in Cleveland, but I'm getting sick of the muggy weather already. I can take a shower in the morning, only to feel as if I haven't showered in days by the afternoon. The Browns had to go through two sessions of it today, so at least the temperatures were rather cool in the morning:

  1. Frye Steps Up: Although it hasn't been a "great" training camp for Charlie Frye, he's been consistent. This morning may have been his break out day though, as he was having success like no other session. Frye had an early highlight touchdown pass to local receiver Steve Sanders. Later on, Frye made a nice throw to Tim Carter, who was being tightly guarded by Eric Wright. During 11-on-11 drills, on of Frye's best passes came when he hit tight end Steve Heiden between two defenders.
  2. Depth Chart Leader: As many of you already know by now, Charlie Frye was listed on top of the depth chart released by the Browns today. Although Crennel stated that this doesn't mean Frye is a lock to start the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, bank on him starting for logical purposes.
  3. McDonald Fever: While Chase Pittman and Melina Purcell really haven't been heard from in camp so far, rookie cornerback Brandon McDonald continues to make an impact. McDonald broke up a pass intended for Joshua Cribbs today.
  4. Injury Updates: Running back Jason Wright returned to regular drills following his concussion a few days ago. Offensive lineman Isaac Sowells was still watching on the sidelines, however. Linebacker Willie McGinest (back) did not practice.
  5. Thompson's Alive: If the Browns actually decided to use Chaun Thompson at least twice every game this season on special blitz plays, then I'd want him to have a roster spot on this team. Thompson had a play this morning where he could've sacked Frye, but he pulled up, for obvious reasons.
  6. Ride Those Bikes: For the morning, Braylon Edwards and Jamal Lewis stuck to riding the stationary bikes early on. They joined the team during 11-on-11 drills.
  7. Just Like Last Year: Last year, Jerome Harrison was fantastic in camp in the preseason. After another couple of nice runs again today, he's well on his way to getting the fans excited about him again. Let's hope the coaches follow through and give him some playing time.
A report on the evening session will be online tomorrow. Later on this week, I'll have a full preview of the Browns vs. Chiefs game, and also my first report on my projected 53-man roster and depth chart. Tomorrow morning, I will have some more comments on the depth chart released by the team.