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Training Camp Report: Day 10 (Evening)

After a little bit of sloppiness with receiving in the morning on Monday, the evening practice went a lot smoother for most of the troops:

  1. Offense Improves: It was pleasant for Romeo Crennel that the sluggish offensive effort from the morning didn't carry over into the evening. In the morning session, dropped passes plagued the receivers. In the evening, there weren't nearly as many dropped passes to fuss about.
  2. Sit DOWN: On the play of the evening, defensive end Shaun Smith broke through the line and stood running back Jamal Lewis up in a goal line drill. Imagine the Browns coming through and stopping Warrick Dunn in 2003 to make it into the postseason - a play like that can save an entire season.
  3. Linebacking Work: Although this may have been more so in the morning, linebackers Leon Williams and Chaun Thompson were given some much-needed reps with the first team. Andra Davis shifted over and was experimenting at the outside linebacker position, something that is very interesting. For the record, the coaching staff said that they were just giving people some work at extra positions for versatility.
  4. Jokester: Wide receiver Braylon Edwards decided to have a little bit of fun with running back Jason Wright. Edwards secretly lined up next to Wright and grabbed on to his sock as he tried to take of. The fans laughed at the incident, but it sounds like something that you would've had to have been there to find it entertaining.
  5. Nothing Horrible: Once again, both quarterbacks were not horrible, but neither one excelled either. Charlie Frye was on a roll at one point, hitting Kellen Winslow, Tim Carter, and Braylon Edwards on three consecutive passes. One of Derek Anderson's highlights came when he hit Tim Carter with a touchdown pass in the back of the end zone during a goal-line drill.
  6. Wright Down: No, not Eric Wright, but Kenny Wright. Kenny did not practice with a groin injury, allowing Eric even more time on the field. Matt Stewart and Willie McGinest both sat out again.
  7. Quinn Progress?: There are rumors circulating the Internet that the gap may be closing quickly on the negotiations with quarterback Brady Quinn. If Quinn signs soon, I wouldn't expect him to play this Saturday, but he could play in our second preseason game as the third man into the game.
Due to rain, the Tuesday session of Browns training camp is being held indoors again.