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Training Camp Report: Day 11 - Quinn Signed

Although it's a little bit of a delay, today's coverage focuses on what went on Tuesday, including the end of Brady Quinn's holdout. After all of those frustrating 11 days of hearing that Quinn was practicing out in Arizona and far from a deal with the Browns, the quarterback from Notre Dame agreed to a five-year deal worth $20.2 million. Quinn has a clause in his contract where if he becomes the team's starting quarterback in the future, that amount will jump up to about $30 million.

Quinn knows that he can't expect to have the starting role handed to him. "Believe me, I don't deserve anything," said Quinn on Wednesday. "I think I have to earn a lot with the coaching staff but also with the team. But that's just something that you have to understand coming into it, especially as a rookie. You have to earn everything that you get." Quinn is confident that he will be starting at some point during the season. Initial reports by head coach Romeo Crennel stated that Quinn could see very minimal action against the Kansas City Chiefs, or he may not see any playing time. Quinn, as well as all Browns fans, need to understand that the team can't stop everything that they're doing just to nurture Quinn along this far into camp. Quinn has a lot of catching up to do, and even if his passes look crisper than Charlie Frye's or Derek Anderson's, he'll still be behind in terms of developing chemistry with his the system and his teammates. Now then, the Browns had a practice session yesterday that was moved indoors due to rain. Let's see what we were able to find out about what went on:
  1. Basic Passes: With practice moved indoors, the quarterbacks really didn't try to throw the ball deep down the field. Instead, they stuck to basic tight ends passes and a couple of nice little screen plays. It's useful and necessary for gameday, but in terms of someone making a splash in the competition, there's nothing to report.
  2. Daily Wilson: The coaches have been constantly pushing receiver Travis Wilson to stay focused, and the motivation may be working. Wilson has been doing pretty good in camp, and was listed ahead of Joshua Cribbs on the team's depth chart a few days ago. However, his practice couldn't go without at least one routine drop, something he was forced to do pushups for.
  3. Mosley's Day: It was another solid day for receiver Kendrick Mosley, but as good as he may be, it's unfortunate that he'll probably be placed on the practice squad at best due to a number's game. The Browns have a lot of people that drop balls too often, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.
  4. Pool's Drop: Safety Brodney Pool dropped an interception.
  5. Injuries Piling Up: The worst story of the day came when left guard Eric Steinbach left during the session after falling on his right knee. Following this post, I am getting ready to prepare another post to update his status. The injury list was very long actually, with Tim Carter (thumb), DeMario Minter (foot), Isaac Sowells (concussion), Kenny Wright (groin), Matt Stewart (shoulder), Jerome Jackson, and Willie McGinest (back) all sat out. Not a good sign considering the first preseason game is quickly approaching.
  6. Barclay's Returns: If something happens to Joshua Cribbs, expect Chris Barclay to be the team's primary kick returner. That should be an extra bonus that gets Barclay on the practice squad again.
A report on Steinbach is coming up soon. Wednesday's practice was closed to not only fans, but the media, I believe.