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Steinbach Could Miss Two Weeks

When you hear about certain injuries in camp, you usually don't have to make a big deal out of them. Tim Carter had a sore hamstring for a few days, and then returned to the field. Jason Wright had a nasty collision with a player in camp, and sat out a few days with a concussion. When Eric Steinbach's right knee buckles on him though, it's time to worry.

During Tuesday's session of training camp indoors, Steinbach fell on his right knee. Initial reports are stating that he could miss two weeks of action. I was thankful to hear the word "could" in that sentence, instead of the phrase "will at least". Either way, this is another obstacle that could deter the Browns' offensive line from having maximum chemistry potential on opening day against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steinbach will not play in this Saturday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but he's not ruled out for the following week just yet.

"We're having it evaluated," said coach Romeo Crennel. "We were inside on the turf and he came down on the knee. I would say he bruised it, but I haven't looked at it, and I'm not the doctor, so I don't know."

Who was the replacement for Steinbach? It was veteran guard Lennie Friedman, the same exact person that I stated was not really getting much media recognition in camp thus far. Well, I'm sure he'll be getting plenty of coverage now as he works with the first team offense. In a best case scenario, this will be good for the Browns in the sense that Friedman will be more prepared to start during the season if someone else goes down with an injury. In a worst case scenario, Steinbach will continue having knee problems heading into the season.

In another injury situation, linebacker Willie McGinest is having his back checked out by doctors. In the mean time, free agent pickup Antwaan Peek is getting some much needed reps with the first unit. With McGinest's recurring injury problems last season, it wouldn't surprise me if Peek starts more games than McGinest this year.