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Hamilton Among Final Cuts (Baxter Makes It)

The worst day of the season officially came for many people in the NFL, including members of the Cleveland Browns. Unfortunately, I was not 100% correct with my roster projections. There weren't any surprises that other teams around the league would talk about regarding the Browns, but since we've followed these guys from Day 1 of training camp, some moves came as a shocker. In the menu to the right, you'll see a list of every player that was cut.

Released Players
-RB Chris Barclay
-WR Maurice Mann
-WR Steve Sanders
-WR Syndric Steptoe
-TE Ryan Krause
-OL Andrew Hoffman
-OL Cliff Louis
-OL Fred Matua
-OL Brent Pousson
-OL Rob Smith
-DL Babatunde Oshinowo
-DL Chase Pittman
-DL Melia Purcell
-LB Clifton Smith
-DB DeMario Minter

Contract Terminated
QB Ken Dorsey

DL J'Vonne Parker
LB Jason Short
DB Justin Hamilton
DB Jeremy LaSueur
What Caught Us Off Guard? (Position by Position)
  • Quarterback: In one of my original projections, I stated that the Browns would keep Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson, and Brady Quinn, which is exactly what they did. However, over the past few weeks, I bought into the media hype that Ken Dorsey would be kept around due to his knowledge of the system, and that Anderson would be traded. I'm a little surprised to see Dorsey go, but it won't make or break our team.
  • Running Back: It's a shame that Chris Barclay didn't make the final roster, but I'm sure the team is hoping that he'll slip to the practice squad. Ideally, that would be what the team wanted all along, since he's not a significant enough of a special teams tackler to make the team based on that.
  • Fullback: To my surprise, Charles Ali made the final roster. Once again, I should've stuck with my original projection list. Ali's chances of making the team probably increased tremendously after the past two weeks, since Lawrence Vickers was out with an injury. The team couldn't afford to have Vickers not ready against the Steelers, forcing them to be with using a tight end as a fullback.
  • Wide Receiver: The wide receiver position went down as I expected. Between the three cuts, Syndric Steptoe should have the best chance at making the practice squad.
  • Tight End: Everybody starting really enjoying what they saw from Ryan Krause because he started hanging onto the ball. However, the injury to Vickers may have forced the Browns to cut Krause in favor of Charles Ali. I would've liked Krause to be on the team, but with Kellen Winslow and Steve Heiden being more than capable receivers, this won't break our team.
  • Offensive Line: It looks like Nat Dorsey made the final roster, which can be credited to Ryan Tucker starting the season off on the suspension list. Isacc Sowells remained on the final roster as well. If you remember correctly, many fans actually thought he'd be a contender for a starting role this year. So far, I projected the wide receiver and offensive line correctly.
  • Defensive Line: Chalk up the defensive line as another position that I projected correctly. Both Chase Pittman and Melila Purcell should be placed on the practice squad.
  • Linebacker: Apparently, Clifton Smith's last ditch effort against the Chicago Bears wasn't enough to make the team. I had this position correct for the most part, except for injury-related issues: Mason Unck was placed on the injured reserve, and Willie McGinest was left on the 53-man roster instead of being placed on the PUP. Special teams player Kris Griffin made it over his competition, Jason Short. Veterans Chaun Thompson and David McMillan are on the club too.
  • Secondary: I really have no clue why I ended up cutting Brandon McDonald in my previous roster project, as he showed a lot more than DeMario Minter did. The biggest "surprise" move involved Mike Adams making the team over Justin Hamilton. After Adams really hadn't looked that great in the preseason, and with Hamilton being praised last year for his work, I was truly caught off guard by this one. Also, veteran Kenny Wright made the final roster, along with Jereme Perry.
  • Special Teams: Nothing to report. Ryan Pontbriand made the team *filler content*.
There is one person that I didn't mention above, and that is cornerback Gary Baxter. Baxter was not cut, he was not placed on the IR, meaning he is currently on the team's 53-man roster. That is incredible news, and I couldn't be happier for the guy after all of the work he has put forth towards a comeback. The Browns obviously feel he can contribute this year.

Now then, let's not get 100% comfortable with the final roster just yet. The Browns could waive someone soon if they find a player they'd like on the roster from another team. Also, Anderson could still be traded elsewhere, which would allow Ken Dorsey to be brought back.